ALLCANEAT Gluten-Free Yellow Double Layer Birthday Cake

937 North Main Street | Randolph, MA 02368

ALLCANEAT Gluten Free Cake

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister, Theresa! You know what birthdays mean… cake! This year, despite going to the Cheesecake Factory for her birthday dinner (home of this particularly popular gluten-free cheesecake post), my mother decided to bring a gluten-free birthday cake to the restaurant and deprive us of an incredibly delicious slice of Godiva Flourless Chocolate Cheesecake.

The jury is still out on how delightfully tacky that may have been at a place called The CheeseCAKE Factory, but in her defense, when my mother asked for a gluten-free menu there were only two items listed. Reader, beware. A gluten-free birthday cake meant no worries for our table, which was very nice.

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Glutenus Minimus Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Gluten Minimus

Glutenus Minimus Muffin

Finally, I am here to blog about muffins. My aversion to writing this post is unclear, you’d think I didn’t like these muffins!  Quite the contrary, however…

On my lovely little trip to City Feed and Supply, I discovered Glutenus Minimus Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins in the open fridge in front of the sandwich bar. I don’t quite remember what jumped out at me first: the adorable and rather clever name, “Glutenus Minimus,” the heavenly sounding banana/chocolate chip combination, or the cute little muffins the clear plastic container held. It was most likely a combination of the three.

I could tell just by the looks of these muffins that you don’t see ones like this everyday. As an experienced gluten-avoider, I was not about to take this for granted. I fully realized I could not just eat the muffins. No way. I needed milk!

Thank goodness I got my milk because these muffins were just divine — the perfect pairing for my beverage. Although my muffin was a bit cold and moist on the outside (it had been sitting in a fridge, afterall), it was light and fluffy inside, making it a great treat for a hot day. The banana/chocolate chip combination was delicious, it tasted like something I shouldn’t have been eating.

These muffins are very reasonable priced for their packs of two, and I took the other muffin to my sister later that day. She ate the muffin after it had acclimated to room temperature which was warm enough that day to melt the chocolate chips a bit, and I believe she enjoyed it even more than I did. If you are looking for an excellent muffin, I suggest you check out Glutenus Minimus. She’s got a great story, too!

BZ’s Mexican Pizzeria Gluten-Free Pizza

682 Main St.
Dennisport, MA 02639

BZ's Gluten Free Pizza

Like many of my fellow Massachusetts and southern New England natives, I know there is one place that never fails to feel like summertime. A long-standing summer tradition, trips to Cape Cod bring back memories of beach days, cookouts and good times with friends and family. For my family, it also calls to mind gluten-free pizza. Just minutes from our old Cape Cod stomping grounds is a new discovery of ours, BZ’s Mexican Pizzeria.

Nestled in a collection of shops on 28 in Dennisport, at first glance BZ’s looks like just another pizza place. But look closer and in the windows you’ll find article after article on BZ’s gluten-free offerings: pizza and beer for their gluten-sensitive customers.

Each summer that I have gone to BZ’s (and hopefully more than once!), I have found the pizza just gets better and better. The crispy thin crust paired with the delicious sauce and cheese tastes like I’m eating pizza I shouldn’t. In fact, each time I’ve eaten it, I’ve been tempted to double check with the waitress that this is in fact a gluten-free pizza, not a real pizza by mistake. The only reminder is the typical gluten-free price tag, $12 for a small and $20 for a large. If you’d like to enjoy your pizza with a gluten-free beer, BZ’s has Redbrigde in stock at a similar price to the glutenous beers on tap.

I would absolutely go so far as to say that this is the best gluten-free pizza I have ever had (my mother, however, maintains that her home recipe topped with toppings from Bertucci’s is the best…) and it seems others agree — I’ve been there twice this summer where they have been out of either one size or both of the gluten-free pizzas. If you are looking for an excellent gluten-free pizza and find yourself on Cape Cod, the drive to BZ’s will be worth it, no matter if you’re coming from upper Cape or P-town. Just call first to make sure they have it in stock!