Zing! Pizza Gluten-Free Pizza

UPDATE: Zing! has closed. The cafe is still open in Porter Square Books as far as I know, but they do not offer gluten-free pizza.

1932 Massachusetts Avenue | Cambridge, MA

Zing! Pizza Gluten-Free Pizza

Oh, my goodness. Have I ever discovered a gem.

The Labor Day weekend has been absolutely beautiful here in New England, and yesterday was no exception. My roommate and were just leaving to go kayaking on the Charles (awesome) when my parents called to say they were biking through the area and asked, “What was the name of that other gluten-free pizza place in Porter Square?” I had bought a Groupon to Zing! back in January, but hadn’t been there yet. I told them to try Zing! Pizza and let me know how they liked it. My parents stopped for a gluten-free lunch, and my roommate and I took off on a kayaking adventure that involved high-speed winds and therefore an excellent workout.

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Stone Hearth Gluten-Free Pizza

1782 Massachusetts Ave. | Cambridge, MA | 617.492.1111

Stone Hearth Pizza Co. Gluten Free Pizza

Mother’s Day lunch was an easy choice this year. My mother is also gluten-free and loves pizza, so a little spot called Stone Hearth Pizza Co. was just perfect. Nestled in a collection of store fronts on Mass Ave in Cambridge, this restaurant is cozy and conscious as well.  Striving to use organic, locally sourced ingredients, they offer a full menu of favorites — salads, soups, pasta and pizza, all of which are offered in gluten-free varieties.

This gluten-free pizza is the real deal. Offered in a “regular” size (six slices), this is a cheesy, delicious gluten-free pizza. The crust is made from rice flour and it is so delicious! It has a bit of a fluffy texture that isn’t too grainy. Its texture doesn’t compete with the sauce and cheese; unlike most gluten-free pizzas, it works with the other ingredients to make a cohesive, delicious meal. We couldn’t help but eat most of the pizza, despite each ordering our own!

Stone Hearth’s Gluten Free Classic Pizza is absolutely among the best gluten-free pizza I’ve tried. Perhaps they wouldn’t consider this a compliment, but it is a high one in my book: it reminds me of Bertucci’s pizza! I’m more a fan of greasier bar-style pizza so BZ’s still takes the cake, however, Stone Hearth’s is a close contender. You can taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients and the crust is phenomenal. Needless to say, my mother enjoyed her Mother’s Day meal!

Crema Cafe

27 Brattle St. | Cambridge, MA 02138

Crema Cafe Gluten Free Cookies

There are many wonderful things about Cambridge. One thing I particularly enjoy is the abundance of cafes and coffeehouses where you can find all manner of people getting together, doing work or simply relaxing with a cup of Joe. On one of our Sunday walks, my roommate and I passed by Crema Cafe in Harvard Square. I’d heard good things about it, so we went in to check it out.

As I approached the counter all set to order some caffeine for a post-Saturday night pick-me-up, I was distracted by a little sign proclaiming, “GLUTEN-FREE.” Excited, I started looking around for more. There were an abundance of  gluten-free goodies on the counter! Macaroons… no, definitely a cranberry and pistachio granola bar. NO. A chocolate walnut cookie. For only $1.50. YES.

I have to say, I made a great choice. So great in fact, it eclipsed my need for caffeine at all. There I was cookie and refreshing juice in hand, ready to try what promised by a name I remember being something along the lines of “Chocolate Walnut Avalanche” to be explosively chocolatey, and we couldn’t find a seat. The place was packed! Luckily, after a few minutes, a table cleared. After much anticipation, I took a bite of my cookie.

It was quite disappointing. It was crunchy and dry, almost dusty. Disheartened, I took another bite. To my surprise it was delicious! I’m talking molten, moist, chocolately goodness complemented by crunchy walnuts. The walnuts added substance to the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, and I finished off this cookie very satisfied. These were absolutely among the best gluten-free cookies I’ve tried, and I believe my Sunday afternoon walks will be taking me to Harvard Square quite often from now on…