Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts Gluten-Free Chocolate Donut

2 International Place | Boston, MA 02110

Kane's Handcrafted Gluten-Free Donut

Oh. my. word.

So last month, everyone in Boston is freaking out and Tweeting and Facebooking about Kane’s Donuts coming downtown. The artisanal donut fad yada yada yada I get it guys you can all eat beautiful, delicious, gorgeous donuts… and I can’t!

I admit it, I saw their tweets and felt bitter about it. Sometimes, a food fad comes along and an awesome local store opens, and we celiacs just can’t enjoy it, and it’s totally a bummer.

However, there is often more that we can enjoy than what we can’t, and I was in for a surprise regarding Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts.

I was inspired to pick back up blogging here by my travels to Italy last week. I ate like a king the whole week (more on that coming to the blog next week!), and wondered how I had let this blog go! I love food, I love cooking, and I love finding the next great gluten-free pizza, and you guys love to read about it! So I’m all fired up, walking to work with idea after idea for posts coming to me, when I get back to the office after a week away. My boss comes up to my desk and says, “Jenn, I’m sorry it’s a day old, but I got donuts for everyone yesterday and there’s a gluten-free one for you left in the kitchen.” … Say what?!?!

Kane's Handcrafted Gluten Free Donuts

So I go to the kitchen to discover that it’s not just a donut, it’s a KANE’S HANDCRAFTED DONUT and it’s GLUTEN-FREE! And I had just decided to start posting again!? It was perfect. So I ate (half of) it. And it was pretty much perfect.

I could only manage half and then had a serious sugar high because it was so rich and delicious. The texture was fabulous, I really would have thought it was a real donut if not for the bag. The best part, however, was the glaze. My goodness. It was so sticky, sweetly good! You must try these donuts, and then you’ll know what the fuss is about. And if you have a gluten-free/celiac friend, please buy them one.

After all, donuts are love.

PS – Union Square Donuts, I hope you are next.


2 thoughts on “Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts Gluten-Free Chocolate Donut

  1. Oh man, that donut looks awesome! I’m hopefully heading to Boston again this summer (maybe sooner if the Bruins are in the playoffs), I’ll definitely check that place out. Being GF, I find it’s tough to find most baked things, let alone donuts! That’s awesome and I’m sure it’s really busy! Is it located downtown(ish?). I know what I’m having for breakfast next time I’m in the city…Thanks 😀

    • It is right downtown! Near South Station and not a far walk from the Aquarium, Quincy Market or the North End! They aren’t open on weekends (yet). Let me know if you need any more Boston GF recommendations – I have many 🙂

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