Pillsbury Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

Pillsbury Gluten-Free Pizza Dough

If you’ve been to this blog before, you know I absolutely love pizza. Boston has many great gluten-free pizza options (I am so overdue on sharing these, but I will!), but sometimes, a girl just wants some homemade pizza! I have been on a cooking kick lately (you’ll be seeing more of that here as well), and my boyfriend gave up eating out for Lent, so a homemade pizza night seemed like the perfect idea for a Saturday evening earlier this month.

I did the shopping for our supplies at a fairly unfamiliar-to-me grocery store, the Back Bay Shaw’s. I was hoping to find a pre-made crust to speed the cooking process along and avoid spending my time during pizza night toiling over a dough, measuring out xantham gum and praying the yeast would behave. Good lord, I was making laps around the store trying to find what I was looking for and trying to find an employee to help me! I first looked for frozen gluten-free pizza crusts, but they had none. Then I looked for the Schar ones, which aren’t frozen, but they didn’t carry those! Then I looked for the Bob’s Red Mills mix and thought they didn’t have it, but I finally spotted it. The Bob’s mix is great, but more labor than I was hoping for. Then I set out to find a crust for the bf, which proved to be another ordeal. I finally made my way to the refrigerated section where I was pretty sure Pillsbury had a canned pizza dough, when to my amazement, there was a gluten-free dough right next to it! I’d found a winner.

Pillsbury Gluten Free Pizza

This dough is super easy to make. Just warm it up in your hands, spread it out on a greased pizza pan, bake for a few minutes, flip, cover with toppings and bake a few minutes more. I liked that the Pillsbury gluten-free pizza dough bubbled up on baking, like normal pizza does. It made two decent sized pizzas, and even came in it’s own handy container for storing the second half for another time. Though it does kinda taste like the plastic container it comes in, it is really easy to make and it’s texture is pretty standard for a gluten-free pizza dough. Don’t buy it expecting a culinary masterpiece, but do buy if you’re looking for a quick and still tasty way to join in on pizza night! I would buy it again, though next time I may give myself the time to make Bob’s.

If you are a pizza lover and gluten-free, stay tuned! I recently tried “world championship” winning gluten-free pizza… and it did not disappoint! I had many gluten free adventures in Italy last week and can’t wait to post about them here!

Pillsbury Gluten Free Pizza


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